• Corporate Announcement

FY 2023-24

Intimation for Closure of Trading Window-29.6.2023

Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report as per Regulation 76-20.6.2023

Declaration of Non-applicability of Reg. 23(9)-31.5.2023

Declaration of Non-applicability of Reg. 23(9)-31.5.2023

Change if Registered Office 12.08.2023

Declaration of Non-applicability of Reg. 23(9)-31.5.2023

Outcome of BM Held on-31.5.2023

Board Meeting Intimation for Postponement of Board Meeting-30.5.2023

Certificate for Non-applicability of Annual Secretarial Compliance Report-30.5.2023

Notice of Board Meeting Dated-24.5.2023

Initial Disclosure to be made by entity as Large Corporate-26.4.2023

Compliance Certificate Under Reg. 40(9)-19.4.2023

Compliance Certificate Under Reg. 7(3)-10.4.2023

Compliance Certificate Under Reg. 74(5)-10.4.2023

FY 2022-23

SDD Compliance Certificate-31.03.2023

Closure of Trading Window-30.3.2023

Intimation Regarding Change in RO-23.3.2023

Change in Directorate- 14.02.2023

Change in Directorate- 14.02.2023

Outcome of BM- 14.02.2023

BSE Intimation-Notice of 5th BM-14.02.2023

SDD Certificate

Reg 74(5)- Dec- 2022

Intimation of closure of trading window 31.12.2023

Closure of Trading Window

Resignation of Neethu - Director

Reg 74 (5) -Sep - 2022

Notice of BM - 14.11.2022

Outcome of BM - 14.11.2022

Reg 30-Change in Directorate

Intimation of Change in Email ID

Large Entity Disclosure

Outcome of Board Meeting - 30-05-2022

Submission of News Paper Advt. For AGM

News Paper Advt. For AGM

Change in Website of the Company

Recommendation of appointment of Auditor

Change in Reg. Office

Approval Received for Re-classification

Appointment of CS- 01-07-2022

Intimation of Corporate Office Address

Outcome of Board Meeting 08-08-2022

Notice of Board Meeting 08-08-2022

Reschedule Intimation BSE 30-05-2022

Intimation of Board Meeting  26-05.2022

FY 2021-22

Intimation - Open Offer-30-04-2021

Alteration of Capital Clause

Postal Ballot Notice-03-01-2022

Intimation of Revised Board Composition-28-12-2021

Resignation of Auditor-28-12-2021

Appointment of Auditor-28-12-2021

Intimation of Change in Directors -28-12-2021

Removal of Director-28-08-2021

Resignation of CEO-14-08-2021

Appointment of CS-14.08.2021

Intimation of Change in Directors- 14-08-2021

Outcome of the Board Meeting-14-08-2021

Outcome of Board Meeting-14.02.2022

Intimation of  Board Meeting-14-02-2022

Intimation - Resignation of Independent Director

Outcome of Board meeting-28.12.2021

BSE Intimation-Reason for Resignation of Statutory Auditors

Intimation - BSE-Shifting of RO- Advertisement

Abate AS Outcome of BM 29.10.2021

Intimation for change in object clause

BSE intimation change of name

Intimation of Board Meeting 14-08-2021

FY 2020-21

Appointment of CS

Appointment of CS

News paper Publication Annual report

Change in Directorate Jagruti mane

Resignation of CS

Outcome of the Board Meeting 30/06/21 

Outcome of Board Meeting 31/07/2020

Notice of Board meeting  31/07/2020

FY 2019-20

Amendment in change of Code of Conduct

Appointment of CS

Change in MOA& AOA

Change in Designation of Dir.

Change in directorate Bina Soti

Change in directorate

Intimation of Board Meeting-09-01-2020

Intimation of Board Meeting-14-02-2020

Intimation of Board Meeting-14-08-2019

Intimation of Board Meeting-30-05-2019

Notice of Board Meeting 7 11 19 001

Notice of Board meeting 30-05-2019

Outcome of Board Meeting 09-01-2020

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-08-2019

Outcome of board meeting 30-05-2019

Outcome of board meeting 30-05-2019

Outcome of board meeting 14-11-2019

Resignation of Dir.

Shifting of Reg. Office